Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries – Should you get a lawyer?

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries – Should you get a lawyer?

Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

In my physiotherapy practice, I often see people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.  These injuries range from minor to catastrophic, from simple whiplash/neck pain to nerve damage and broken bones.  It is, allegedly, the auto insurer’s responsiblity to provide adequate rehabilitation funding to ensure that the cliamant recovers from injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident.  Typically, the injured person would come see me for therapy, I would submit the treatment plan to the insurer, and upon approval of the plan I would proceed with treatment.  Treatment plans may include, but are not limited to, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, and supplemental goods and services.  In simple cases, the plans are approved and the client receives treatment.  The insurance company is billed for this directly.  If this treatment plan is exhausted, usually within a 6-12 week period, and additional therapy is required, I would submit another treatment plan, and so on and so forth.   If only all motor vehicle accident benefit claims were this simple!

It is not uncommon for treatment plans to get denied.  This means that upon review of the treatment plan (which contains information regarding injuries sustained and treatment required), the insurance adjuster has deemed the request for rehabilitation services unreasonable and/or unnecessary.  The insurer will then proceed to set up an independent medical examination.  If this happens, I would recommended that you get yourself a personal injury lawyer.  Your case may go to mediation.

Personal injury lawyers work on contingency.  They only get paid if you win your case, meaning if you successfully settle with the insurance company.   If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident and you need treatment, and if the insurance company is denying you treatment, you should get a lawyer to ensure you get the funding for treatment that you are entitled to for your motor vehicle accident injuries.  Otherwise, you may be left paying for therapy out of your own pocket (if you don’t have extended health benefits) or, you may end up with no treatment at all. 

If you have a lawyer, many clinics/therapists will continue to treat you even if your claim is denied, provided that they receive a written agreement from your lawyer stating that they will protect the clinic’s account in the settlement.  It only works in your benefit to have a personal injury lawyer representing you when it comes to insurance comapnies, especiallly when all they care about it their bottom line!

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and need a personal injury lawyer, you can visit to find a personal injury lawyer near you.  Or, email me at for more information.

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